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About ME

My name is Alexandra Morgan

I am 27 years old and have overcome several hurdles through resilience and a forward-focused mindset. Mental health has affected my life for over 10 years, yet I wouldn't have succeeded in my accomplishments without going through rough times. Since I was little I was known for my empathy towards everyone. I had a passion for helping others and created my first YouTube channel in middle school with a music video song to express how bullying affects someone's mental health. I knew I was meant to teach others coping skills, land life skills, and help guide people through the tough times in their lives. In high school, guys used that against me, which affected me mentally as I engaged in toxic behaviors. Without my independent mindset, I wouldn't have had the confidence to seek help. Hence, our services at 5 Star Motivation are tailored to help you gain inner independence, confidence, and resilience to take on whatever life throws you. 

Including your hobbies is a great way to start the journey to becoming the best version of yourself. My hobbies included photography and video creation. I always found it stress-relieving to explore nature, which played a huge role in my self-discovery journey. Being outside was the best thing I could do for myself as working at local ranches also felt empowering as I interacted with horses. Everyone has a story, it may be connecting through music creation, playing an instrument, painting or ceramics, woodworking, repairing cars, etc. Capitalizing on your hobbies can help gain that inner independence. After all, you are the only person responsible for where you are, no one else. Life Coaches are here to help guide you in the right direction to help discover that within yourself. Want to go to college, start a business, or go to trade school, at 5 Star Motivation we thrive in helping individuals like you discover that missing piece to take full advantage of your true potential.


My Passions 

Since I was in high school I fell In love with being out in nature, capturing with my camera anything I might come across—specifically wildlife. Getting out of my house was a stress reliever - to enjoy the beauty the world gives us. It's easy to get sucked into the social media rabbit hole. That's why at 5 Star Motivation our main focus is on utilizing your passions to create that first step towards accomplishing your goals and living a fulfilling life with purpose and happiness, gaining confidence within yourself - the best feeling ever!

View my photography that I have taken over the last decade. 

My Love for Video Creation

I fell in love with video creation the second I touched a computer.  I was so determined to create videos I got my first summer job at 15 years old, which paid for my first Mac Book computer.  My nickname in middle school quickly became "youtube chick" as I would post homemade music videos. I took a break and got back into the passion in 2020. Since then I have been posting countless motivational videos hoping they’d inspire other people.

Enjoy this video on how 5 Star Motivation was created. 



California State University, Sacramento 

Bachelor of Science 

Criminal Justice 

Class of 2019

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