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Confidentiality Policy

  • At 5 Star Motivation, we ensure that all information shared between the client and life coach 1-1 sessions and email conversations is strictly confidential. However, it client mentions anything that falls under continentality laws. For example: any thoughts of harming themselves or others will result in 5 Star motivation to take proper actions for l legal reasons.  If you are  confused about this policy do not hesitate to contact me at

Refund Policy:

You have up to 15 mins into your call to request a full refund. We understand that we may get customers who don't feel comfortable to speak up to us. After that there is No refunds. 

If you are enrolled in courses and want a refund reach out to me at


At 5 Star Motivation we find it critical to listen to your opinions, concerns you may be having. Let us know how you would explain to your friend about our business.  Email and you will be entered into a chance to win a FREE SESSION 

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